Ways to try your online mirror:

See yourself

Most of us use regular mirrors (big ones on the wall, small makeup mirrors, magnifying mirrors, etc). However, sometimes we don't have access to a real mirror because we can't get to one (e.g., we're in a meeting, in the car, out and about). In these cases, this online mirror can be very useful! It will allow you to turn use your computer like a mirror and reflect back what you look like.

Try on makeup

With this mirror, you can try on new makeup or existing makeup and see what it looks like. Ideally, a physical mirror would be available for you, but sometimes it's not possible to access one. This mirror is great for trying on makeup, because it works on a computer, which has a front-facing camera. So, it's very easy to see yourself.

Test new glasses

When you're in the store or at home and trying on different pairs of glasses, sometimes it's difficult to see how well they complement your face. With this online mirror, simply try the glasses on while using the mirror and you can see which pair fits best!

How to turn on the mirror

To turn on the mirror:

  1. When you load this mirror, your browser will ask you to allow the mirror to access your camera. When this happens, click allow and the mirror will be activated.

About this mirror

Do you ever wish you had a mirror at your computer? This online mirror lets you see yourself, check your hair, see if something is in your teeth, do your makeup, and much more!

Help us improve

Do you have ideas to improve this mirror?

We'd love to add new features that you think would make this mirror better. Please send feedback here.

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